Grant Hill [Refractor] #199 1996 Topps Chrome

Ungraded Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 BGS 9.5 PSA 10
$84.48 $0.00 N/A $0.00 $67.77 $0.00 $274.54 -$0.30 $418.88 +$0.43 $1,427.42 +$1.69
volume:  1 sale per month volume:  1 sale per year volume:  1 sale per year volume:  5 sales per year volume:  1 sale per year volume:  1 sale per year
Grade 9 BGS 9.5 PSA 10
$274.54 -$0.30 $418.88 +$0.43 $1,427.42 +$1.69
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Grant Hill [Refractor] (1996 Topps Chrome) Details

Genre: Basketball Card
Publisher: Topps
Card Number: #199
Print Run: n/a
Notes: none
PriceCharting ID: 86426
Description: none

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